Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Scrap Tiffany - Tuesday Tutorial

Shrink Plastic Is Back!

That’s right, Shrink Plastic is back... do you remember sitting in front of the oven... waiting for seemed forever... just waiting for your artwork to shrink! Well, wait no more, your handy craft heat gun has slashed the shrinking time.... how much fun and it’s just another way to use your favourite stamps.

Step by step:

  • Gather your supplies.

  • Stamp your image onto the Shrink Plastic.

  • Cut out the stamped image.

  • If you would like to turn your image into jellewry, use a Crop-A-Dile to punch a large hole (remembering, every part of the shrinkie will shrink!).

  • If you plan to colour, I would suggest that you use the Clear Shrink Plastic so that you have stamp on one side and colour on the other. When colouring the shrink plastic, ensure that you sand the plastic in a criss cross action – remember to stamp one side and sand/colour the other. Time to colour your shrink plastic.

  • Ensure you have an acrylic block handy and start to heat you shrink plastic with your heat gun. You will find that the plastic will curl up on itself and then start to flatten. To help flatten the shrinkie, work quickly and turn over the plastic and stamp down hard with your acrylic block. This will help to get rid of any air pockets.

  • Add a jump ring and the twine/ribbon.

I just love to make my own presents or embellishments for my layouts and this product is a fantastic way to add your own style to your artwork. Below, I have made a tile to add to a future layout!

Well that’s it for another Tuesday Tutorial, hope you enjoyed and why not give it a go and send it through to Tiffany - we love to see you work!

Till next time, Krischelle


  1. love the doily charm! You've inspired me - I think I will have to do up a few in advance to add to kids birthday pressies. Love your work!

  2. Krischelle, I really enjoyed your Friday Find and Tuesday Tutorial for Scrap Tiffany! You did an awesome job!!

    Oh, and your layout was adorable, too! I love all the elements that you used to make such a cute design!

    I has been a pleasure getting to know you on the Scrap Tiffany design team! 'Looking forward to keeping in touch!

    Take care,