Monday, July 11, 2011

A girl's night out...

Hello Fellow Bloggers,

It has been a while since I have posted on my little blog and I do apologise. I am not sure why it's been so longe since I have posted anything, but I know we have been busy with school holidays and life in general really.

I have found yet another craft to put my hand to and I love it! I didn't think I would love it and to be honest after getting home from our tutorial, I was exhausted, not happy with my creation and had decided there and then, that I wouldn't get into this craft. That didn't last long and I dreamed of fondant that night.... then prompty reversed by decision and got out last week and grabbed some tools to continue the creative inspiration!

So what did I want to show you.... my creation from our girls night out! We had Rachael from Fun with Fondant come to show us how to make Fondant (or plastic icing, as the man from the cake decorating shop called it!), how to colour it and then how to apply it to our cake and embellishments.

So what do you think, not too bad for a first attempt and my mum has already commissioned me to make a cake for one of the girls at work. And I have found some great little (literally, being 10cm spring form pans) gift idea! In fact, the gentleman from the cake shop told us if you are into Scrapbooking, Paper Tole, quilting... basically any craft, cake decorating comes very easily - well that's me right the way through!

Rachael was wonderful, with all the tools, ribbons and colours available for us to use and she is available for tutorials for larger groups too! Make sure you check out Rachael's facebook page for details.

Thanks for coming by for a look and apologies for my friends on facebook if you have already seen these pictures.... just a little too excited!

Till next time, Krischelle

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